Taron Foxworth

Taron Foxworth



As one of the first Modulus employees, Taron Foxworth is the Lead Solutions Engineer at Modulus. He focuses on the implementation, compatibility, and testing of various technologies to develop innovative cloud platform solutions for the Modulus base. Foxworth started his career as a Software Engineer for 5 years and holds Bachelor in Science in Computer Science from Xavier University. This background enables Foxworth to have extensive knowledge as well as experience building end-to-end shared architectures based on Node.js , MongoDB and Docker.


Using Docker for Node.js Testing and Deployment

The technical community faces many challenges everyday. One of these challenges is the ability of managing, moving, and duplication of environments. We develop in different environments than our applications actually run and node.js and node modules can behave differently across operation systems. With all the different tools available, Docker can provide a duplicatable environment for […]

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