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Tam Hanna



Having been in the tech market since 2004, Tam Hanna has seen the mobile space as developer, journalist and consultant. He currently focuses on mobile and web development.In his spare time, he writes German scientific books, newspaper articles for tech magazines and scientific calculators for mobile phones.Please request file cv.doc via email from [email protected] to find out more about the conferences and tradeshows I have attended and the books I have written.Any of the talks can be held in advanced, simple or intermediate variations; also, the length of the presentation can be adjusted to your needs!


FireFox OS for Dummies

Mozilla‚Äôs FireFox OS is the next up and coming operating system for smartphones ?ldquo; its ultra-low hardware requirements allow it to be used to create ultra-low-end handsets for developing markets. ZTE sold 100k units of the Open, and plans a significantly higher amount of devices for the successor.However, developing for FFOS is a bit weird […]

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