Mathias Buus

Mathias Buus



I'm a node.js hacker from Copenhagen, Denmark.I tend to write a lot of open source modules (currently more than 200 modules on npm).Recently I'm been working bittorrent creating various mad science projects including, a streaming bittorrent video client


Building a P2P chat desktop application in JavaScript and HTML

Electron (formerly atom-shell) is a Github project that wrap the chromium browser and node to make it extremely easy for you to build desktop applications powered by web technology. In this talk I’ll explain why Electron is incredible cool and show case how to build a truly p2p chat application using electron and a bunch […]

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Implementing a real time BitTorrent file system in 25mins

A hands-on talk about how to implement your own filesystem that is backed by BitTorrent and Node.js. Expect plenty of live coding and mad science.

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