Massimiliano Mantione

Massimiliano Mantione



I started as a Javascript hater but this changed after I worked in the V8 team in Google for about one year and half.Now, among other things, I am implementing (and using in production!) a new programming language that compiles to Javascript: [metascript](


You Can Have it Both Ways: Using Web Components in a React UI

Say that you really like how React.js works, and you are building the UI of your web application in React, using React components.But say that there is some Web Component around that is exactly what you need, and you’d like to use it (after all, that’s the main point of web components: to be easily […]

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Transducers FTW!

Over time we have seen several “utility” frameworks for dealing with Javascript data structures and processing abstractions.It all started simple with Underscode, became more functional with Lodash, and reached the Next Level with Ramda, but it got a bit messy when developers looked for a way out of callback hell (generally through promises or one […]

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