Luciano Colosio

Luciano Colosio



Luciano Colosio is a Senior IT professional with a long experience in the field on different topics and a keen attention for software development, web-technologies and ditributed architectures. Starting as system administrator in his career he has been building his expertise in both the development and operational aspects while working for big italian new-media companies as well as new startups where he was able to focus also on Agile and XP methodologies. For what it concerns software development he deeply values best practices, clean code and architectures and new cutting edge technologies. Quite of an aficionado in the italian development community he’s one of the founding members of the web-centric communtiy ?oelig;WEBdeBS?#65437;. He joined Namshi as frontend engineer bringing his deep love for both javascript and node.js


Back to the future: Isomorphic javascript applications

Remember when we use to “render” websites directly from the backend?Single page applications are cool and catchy, but some times they fall short, for example, when hit by a search engine, and that’s when you start turning to ismorphic javascript this talk I share our exprience gained on the field while turning our frontends […]

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