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Enterprise IoT Systems with Node and MQTT

Node.js is the de-facto standard to implement IoT projects. In this talk we will discuss the MQTT.js library, how to use it in the client and in the browser with Websockets, and the Mosca MQTT broker which will play a central role in your new IoT architecture.  

The other side of DevOps: Virtualization to support JavaScript Developers

If you’re writing software, somebody somewhere has to deploy it. How do you make sure your developer preferences don’t impact your production environment? And how do you make sure that your production environment doesn’t impose a set of tools on your developers?This talk will explore how a DevOps team can support a Dev team — […]

Offline-first web apps, the painless way

Being offline sucks. It’s one of the biggest pains in our ever growing hyper-connected world.The ideal scenario would be that web applications took care of this downside, but still the majority of application programmers doesn’t develop for the offline state.Thanks to the evolution of HTML5 offline features and new JavaScript frameworks like hood.ie we can […]

Exploring the third dimension with WebGL

The modern web is tearing down the borders of the browser window and allows us to create so much more than just another website. This talk is a whirlwind tour of how the multitude of sensors, 3D and virtual reality can be woven into entirely new applications that the web hasn’t seen yet. Using multi-device […]

Isomorphic Javascript in real

Isomorphic javascript is a buzzword that now has some appeal, mostly because one can show he knows what “isomorphic” means. The main point is that in certain context to have the same language, and code, that runs on client and server can save from big headaches. In the presentation I will explain what was the […]

BDD – how a JavaScript Dev would do it!

Introducing ShouldIT?! In BBC Sport we felt like the Cucumber/Gherkin based BDD set up was dragging us down. We did however love the JS testing tools like Jasmine and Mocha and were doing excellently with these in our Angular.js app.So we created a BDD tool that could marry up this JavaScript testing goodness with the […]

Using Docker for Node.js Testing and Deployment

The technical community faces many challenges everyday. One of these challenges is the ability of managing, moving, and duplication of environments. We develop in different environments than our applications actually run and node.js and node modules can behave differently across operation systems. With all the different tools available, Docker can provide a duplicatable environment for […]

Unlearn Everything

React has changed the way we write web applications.To begin with, React is not easy because it requires an open mind.In this session I will talk about the “best practices” put in discussion by React giving, for each one, the answers I gave myself to accept the change and some ideas to work out of […]

You Can Have it Both Ways: Using Web Components in a React UI

Say that you really like how React.js works, and you are building the UI of your web application in React, using React components.But say that there is some Web Component around that is exactly what you need, and you’d like to use it (after all, that’s the main point of web components: to be easily […]



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