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The Fluid Architecture

Deciding on an architecture has to be a very big deal. Two, three or more layers? What database to use: SQL, NoSQL or NewSQL? You want some messaging with that setup? In many companies there are entire departments dedicated to deciding on an architecture and then refining it until it’s perfect. But the fact remains […]

JavaScript Craftsmanship

Avoid stepping into the rabbit hole with common anti-patterns and bad code. With a strong emphasis on how JavaScript code can be done beautiful and maintainable, this talk explains how to write very readable and testable code. At eBay we love to have our code clean, so we’ll use some examples of eBay’s code during […]

Back to the future: Isomorphic javascript applications

Remember when we use to “render” websites directly from the backend?Single page applications are cool and catchy, but some times they fall short, for example, when hit by a search engine, and that’s when you start turning to ismorphic javascript applications.in this talk I share our exprience gained on the field while turning our frontends […]

Transducers FTW!

Over time we have seen several “utility” frameworks for dealing with Javascript data structures and processing abstractions.It all started simple with Underscode, became more functional with Lodash, and reached the Next Level with Ramda, but it got a bit messy when developers looked for a way out of callback hell (generally through promises or one […]



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